Wednesday, September 2, 2015

True story.  Experimenting with styles.

Conversation with my daughter

The 150-pound, shaggy monstrosity that is our dog has taken over the end of our daughter, Ani's, bed.  He's draped across with plenty of dog hanging over each side of the bed.  Newfoundlands look a bit like a miniature horse, but taller and longer.  And dumber.  So he suits us well.

Ani and Storm are hanging out in Ani's newly redecorated room.  Both are sitting upright against the east wall with their legs tucked under the new grey and peach colored comforter that her Grandma helped her pick out.  Ani needs to be more respectful of her Grandma.  I need to remind her to work on that.  She's turning 13 in a couple days, so I'm trying to allow a little slack for age and issues, but still.

Storm asks where Mom is.  I tell her, "She's busy, what's up?"

"Reya goes to Park Dance and she's on the sixth grade team!"

Reya is another student in her sixth grade class.  Storm tried out for Park Dance's competitive dance team, but because she hasn't been to lessons in a couple years, the head instructor gave her a spot on the 5th grade team.  Storm's excited.

Ani:  (overexcited) My German teacher is so much better this year!

Me:  (a little baked and highly entertained by Ani's enthusiasm, leaning in the door jamb of the room)  You have a new teacher this year?

Ani:  Yeah!  She doesn't try so hard to be cool.  And, we have a pretty roudy class (said sassily, eyes up toward the ceiling), and there are these two guys that sit on opposite sides of the room because she sat them there, because the always talk to much and she was hoping to keep them from talking so much.  (deep breath)  Anyway, they keep doing this to mess with her and she's pretty good at burning them hard!

Me:  So you like this teacher better?

Ani:  Oh yeah, she's way smarter!

Me:  And how have you come to that conclusion?

Ani:  Well she has completely different teaching methods that are way better for me.  They help me learn better!

Me:  This is something you've determined after only one day of class with this new teacher?

Ani:  Yep.

Me:  Ok.  Just try not to be too starry eyed about this experience yet.  You know this class can sometimes be a lot of work when you have a lot of other stuff going on.  Especially playing for two soccer teams this fall (club and 9th grade school team). 

Ani:  Nope, she's going to teach me way more than the old teacher, I can tell she has a better way.

Me:  Ok. (sarcastically)

Ani:  No!  I know that I'm going to feel the exact same way as I feel now on the last day of this school year!

Me:  Hold on.  I'm going to remember this conversation.  (pointing to my temples with both hands) I'm recording it in my memory right now. Ani says she's going to feel the exactly as starry eyed about her German teacher on the last day of this school year as she is right now and Ani knows, right now, after only one day of school that this teacher has all the answers to motivate Ani to work harder at her German lessons.

Ani:  I'm not starry eyed.

Me:  Shut the fuck up.  I'm recording this in my point of view.  And filing it under "I fucking told you so" so I can remind you of this conversation the first day you complain about your awesome, new German teacher.

Ani:  How many files do you have in that folder?

Me:  A shitload.  You two provide ample opportunity for it's use.

Ani:  Touche, Dad.

Me:  All right, now one of you two idiots get in the shower.